CARAM | Dimonds, fine gemstones, custom jewelry, engagement rings
Diamonds, fine gemstones, custom jewelry, engagement rings. Founded in 1975. Based in Germany and Hong Kong. Check out our website for full details
gemstones, jewelry, emerald, ruby, sapphire, paraiba, tourmaline, bespoke, custom, engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary, anniversary present
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A fine collection of precision cut color gemstones and diamonds
Jewelry custom designed by the finest craftsmen with the best of Caram gemstones

About Us

CARAM aims to provide our customers with an

extensive array of the finest gemstones  and jewelry.

Our exquisite pieces are:

  • crafted from outstanding materials
  • handpicked by skilled and experienced experts
  • distinctively created by top artisans
A guide to understanding and buying gemstones and jewelry


Caram deals in a variety of color stones and diamonds, the core of which is formed by the so-called “Big Three” emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Additional.


Caram creates one-off bespoke jewelry centered on high quality stones – both colored stones and diamonds. We strive to make the jewelry buying experience easy