CARAM | Jewelry
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Jewelry custom designed by the finest craftsmen with the best of Caram gemstones

Caram creates one-off bespoke jewelry centered on high quality stones – both colored stones and diamonds. We strive to make the jewelry buying experience easy, fun, and exciting. Whether you choose to browse through our collection or want to design your own custom piece – we will work with you to find the perfect piece.


The first step to ensure high quality gemstones involves procuring the right rough stones. These are purchased by our specialists with sound knowledge and years of experience in the industry. Our rough stones are procured directly from prestigious mines in Asia, Africa and South America.


The rough stones are assorted according to size and quality. Each piece of rough is inspected and analyzed to yield the finest gemstones. The next step is to cut and polish the pieces of rough into high quality faceted or cabochon gemstones ready to be set into enchanting pieces of jewelry.