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Tsavorite Guide

Tsavorite Guide

The Tsavorite gemstone was only discovered in 1967 by a British geologist. It is a member of the garnet family and is a rare stone. Tsavorite was named after Kenya’s Tsavo National Park and the river Tsavo. Later in 1971 more tsavorite was located in the Taita/Taveta districts of Kenya. Tsavorite is also found in Madagascar.


This green gemstone only became popular in the 1970s after a substantial advertising campaign conducted by American jewellery brand Tiffany’s.


The Tsavorite is seen in lighter hues of green and is also available in a deep forest green, the latter being more expensive. The presence of vanadium or chromium causes Tsavorite to turn into a green shade.



Most Tsavorite stones have eye visible inclusions. Clean stones of larger sizes command a significant price premium.



Tsavorites are among the most expensive garnets and are thus cut into shapes and cutting styles that allow more of the weight to be retained from the rough.



Tsavorite are more commonly found in small sizes, so their value goes up significantly with size